Who We Are

Hope Rising Homes, Corp. Organization was registered in January, 2010 but has been responsible for providing outstanding outreach and welfare services long before then. Our specialties are Faith-based counseling and helping orphans, vulnerable and at-risk children. Also we assist in finding a suitable rehabilitation center for Addicts, Provision of Food, Housing, Education, Health Care Services and Clothing to the Needy in our Society. The individuals that we assist regularly value our personalized services and human touch to issues affecting them.

Alongside this, Hope Rising Homes, Corp., shares the advocacy of improving the lives of people from different walks of life, who simply need a hand to assist them from the inevitable fate of life.

Hope Rising Homes, Corp., is a non-profit organization. We do not operate for the objective of making a profit. We are firm in our principle to “Give unto the hands that cannot give in return”. Our role is to gather the blessings for those who need them.

We are gathering individuals possessing the spirit of volunteerism, just what we need to achieve our promising goals.