“There is no greater act of loving than in the way of giving.” (Your time, talent and treasure)

Here in Hope Rising Homes, Corp., we are gathering individuals who are generous enough to help us achieve our promising goals. As non-profit organization you will receive a receipt for every donation at the end of the year for tax purposes. Hope Rising Homes has an open door policy where the donor may call and ask for a receipt.

Indeed, there is no greater joy than the delight in giving, especially to those who cannot give back in return. The world is full of treasures, yet not everyone is enjoying these gifts. It is even sad to think that we are living in the same planet yet some are lucky enough to have sufficient food, proper housing and clothing, while others are deprived of even these basic necessities.

Our mission of bringing hope would be much clearer with the help of good hands who share the same goals as ours. Together, we can help alleviate the lives of our children and fellowmen who are in need. Together, we just might make a stronger impact, a concrete change, a better life…

Help make a difference, be a blessing!

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